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PKNIC Prepaid Card -PKNIC Card Reseller

Get 01 PKNIC Prepaid Card in only PKR 2000/-
Get 02 PKNIC Prepaid Card in only PKR 1950/- (for Each card)

PK domain is the top level country code domain name (ccTLD ) which is reserved for Pakistan . If you are in Pakistan and running a business , organization or company in Pakistan then PK Domain names is the best choice for your appearance in Internet as Pakistan based company .

As per PKNIC registry’s policy all type of .pk domains can be registered for minimum 2 years , you cannot register .pk domain name for 1 year . After completion of its time period (2 years ) .pk domain needs / needed a renewal process , Mean you have to pay again for your PK domain name after its expiration .

There are only few companies in Pakistan who have authority to register a PK domain name . Web Links is one of the top PK Domain registrar in Pakistan who deals in all type of PK domain names .

We are the big reseller of PKNIC who can provide your PK Domain in very low price and in very short time . Web Links also has / had authority to register all second level PK Domain Extensions like .com.pk , .edu.pk , .net.pk , .org.pk , .fam.pk , .biz.pk

We also provide the PKNIC hosting with PKNIC domain . You can select the hosting for 2 years .

PKNIC Prepaid Card

Web Links is one of the top reseller of PKNIC , which deal in Prepaid Cards . These cards are basically a special type of code or PIN Code which is used to register or renew all type of PK domains . These cards are used to register or renew your .pk, .com.pk , .edu.pk , .net.pk, . org.pk, .fam.pk, .biz.pk domain name . Web Links is providing the very cheap rated and very low priced Prepaid Cards . You can get Prepaid Cards from us in any quantity .

Our prices are more negotiable for PKNIC Prepaid Card bulk orders . Please Contact .

PKNIC Regional Award Trophy Winner
2016 / 2017


com.pkGeneral Business, or Individual
.net.pkNetwork Related Business
.edu.pkEducational Institutes
.org.pkNon-profit Organizations
.fam.pkFamily and Individuals
.biz.pkGeneral Business, Promotional
.web.pkWeb Sites